Paradigm Solar is committed to making solar power accessible and affordable for every homeowner in Western Canada and beyond.

Our mission is to bring solar energy to every home in Western Canada and beyond providing full turnkey packages installed on your roof. We source directly from manufacturers, allowing us to offer highly competitive pricing on both on-grid and off-grid solutions, and when combined with battery storage, you can maximize the benefits of your solar panels and ensure uninterrupted power supply – even during outages.

The Paradigm Group of Companies is dedicated to advancing sustainable living.

While Paradigm Building Solutions Ltd focuses on constructing super energy-efficient and healthy homes, we recognized there was still one missing piece of the puzzle: energy sourcing.
While our houses come net-zero ready, meaning they consume minimal energy, they still require a power source. Solar energy fills this gap, taking your home from "net-zero ready" to "net-positive."

Don't own a Paradigm home yet? No problem.

We're happy to help you move one step closer to net-zero by installing solar panels on your existing home. While you may be indifferent about the source of your energy, consider the cost-effectiveness of solar power: it's cheaper than any other option available and – when paired with battery storage — can offer total independence from energy bills and the grid.

Let's build solutions and take a look at Paradigmpanels.com.


Have more complex projects or commercial properties? Paradigm Solar offers complete turnkey solutions tailored to your specific needs. No matter what your project size, our expert team of engineers will ensure a seamless implementation into your power system.